Colab is built on Starcounter technology

Starcounter is a combined in-memory database engine and application server for ultra fast development of high performance business applications. It is a true in-memory application engine. It allows us to concentrate on building next-generation business applications without glue code, complex architecture, and expensive infrastructure.

The Apparating system makes it possible to build applications that are interoperable and share data – from the very beginning.

COLAB with Starcounter Technology
COLAB with Starcounter Technology

Performance like no other

Achieve more with low memory usage and state-of-the-art compression algorithms combined with endless possibilities for data normalisation and data sharing. The technology we rely on removes the need to send a query to a database. Nothing is required to access the data, since it is accessed by reference and available when you need it. It handles 3 000 000 ACID transactions per second on one standard server and has proven its ability to be able to handle millions of simultaneous users on a single machine.

The Starcounter vision

The Starcounter information OS allows us to combine many micro apps into large business systems without programming. This will forever change the fundamentals of the trillion-dollar enterprise software market dominated by giants, such as SAP and Oracle, in the same way that the mobile app ecosystem did to Nokia.